About Us

INTORA-ENGINEERING is part of a large Russian engineering group Svobodnye Tekhnologii and has been operating in the crypto mining market under the MinerPark brand for over 5 years.

The company designs and manufactures mobile engineering modules (block containers) for crypto mining. We also provide hosting services at our in-house engineering sites, or mining hotels.

From the start, we have produced over 300 block containers for our customers in Russia, Europe, and the United States. Customers have their mining equipment installed in MinerPark's block containers located in a variety of climate zones, from the Arctic to Central Asia and Pennsylvania.

Our crypto mining platforms offer over 60MW total capacity.

MinerPark is an active participant in specialized international forums, conferences, and exhibitions. The company operates in Dubai (UAE) and Miami, FL (US), as well as in Russia and Mexico.

It employs highly qualified design engineers and installers, who help us execute large production orders in a short time frame and in compliance with quality standards.

Manufacturing sites


We manufacture block containers for crypto mining in Ryazan. Our site there has a total area of over 3,000 sq. m.


In early 2022, we launched a branch and started manufacturing block containers in Monterrey, Mexico. This site focuses on North America and Latin America markets, primarily the US.